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Energy Storage

Solar Storage

Battery technology can make power consumption from your solar convenient. Keeping the habit of turning heavy usage appliance on during the day can still play a role, with the battery covering the most expensive time over dinner.

Adopting new techology sooner can save you a lot of money over time, investing today allows for your asset to pay for itself over time, delaying only empties your pockets.

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Generate Resources

Create Your own Power

Generating your own electricity is the single biggest way to reduced power expenses, yes the sun in only out in the day but if you set your heavy use appliances such as dishwashers, dryers, electric lawn mower and washing machines to run when the sun is up then you can consume your own electricity that is more affordable than grid power.

No space for solar panels on your roof? The solar carport is for you cover your car and generate electricity at the same time (Needs council approval).

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Share generated resources

Shared Solar Power

An australian product now exists to share a large solar system on a shared complex such as apartment blocks. This simply means all residence can receive solar energy evenly throughout the month to run appliances set on timers in the day or export to the grid, all the while keeping whomever you like as your retailer.

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Renewable Technology

Being smart with the way we use things at home can make a larger impact on the very place our children call home.
Reducing environmental waste can save you a lot of money trying to remove it from the premises.

Adopting new techology sooner can save you a lot of money over time, investing today allows for your asset to pay for itself over time, delaying only empties your pockets.


Using electric appliances for heating, hotwater and cooking can reduce your running costs when you have solar and a home battery installed.

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Substitute and Save

  • Replacing 1 technology for another could save you money, say replacing your gas heater with an electric heatpump/Reverse Cycle AC could eliminate or reduce your expenses as it gets more expensive to obtain.
  • Hand washing your dishes could save you money running a dishwasher
  • Replacing your petrol/diesel vehicle with an electric when you could power your car from your solar installation.
  • Replace old light fittings with new LED
  • Replace old appliances such as AC, fridge or washing machine with new energy efficient appliances
  • Replace your existing dryer to a heatpump dryer can save you a lot of money

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Manage Usage

Resource Management

Being mindful of how you use energy thoughout your home can save you money.

Some energy providers allow you to purchase power when it is cheap or you can gain access to cheap rates between certain times of day when there is excess power on the network.
Amber is offering wholesale price access to electricity and sends notifications for the day giving you the best times to use power, often thoughout the daylight hours when renewable technologies like solar are feeding into the grid.

How to make best use without purchasing a battery?

Simply use the timer functions in your appliances or if you have old appliances with control knobs that you pull or push to activate then a simple timer from bunnings can be used on the powerpoint, simply set your appliance on each morning and it will trigger at the set time.
This is useful if you have solar energy or access the wholesale electrical market like Amber.

Solar Automation

You could automate your energy usage to match when you produce solar energy.
We can connect a power usage monitor that talks to compatible devices throughout your home, simply turning them on when solar energy is available, this can be useful for heatpumps in winter or AC units in summer to make the best use of freely available power and keep your home comfortable.

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Why Insulate?

Creating an air tight, warm blanket around and throughout your home can help retain the heat in Winter and keep you cool in Summer. This reduces the amount of energy used in heating or cooling your home, as a result reduces your gas/electricity running costs, this can be substantial over a long period of time.
New or Old Homes must have the roof space inspected as the insulation in your roof most likely isn't rated for your climate and location.


Seal all the gaps between your door and the timber/aluminium frames.
If you have a central heater with a return air on the wall have it sealed off having only the pipe going to the central heater, this prevents cold air falling from your roof space to the lowest point inside your home.

Double Glazed windows

Double Glazing can help create a temperature difference from outside to inside your home, this can be important as it is the second biggest loss of energy in your home!

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Stop Electrical Leakage
Prevent Energy Loss

Single most important step toward saving money is reducing waste!

Checking for leaks can save your property from damage and remove risk to your health

Water leaks can create mold that leads to shortness of breath and asthma attacks.

Leaking gas systems can lead to headaches vomiting and nausea and in some circumstances death.

Electrical Leaks can cost you a lot of money long term without your knowing, slowly damaging your propery as it finds its way to ground burning your timber structure in its path. In extreme circumstances it can lead to loss of property and death.

  • Check all taps for any leaking water
  • Have a plumber inspect your water and gas pipes including:
    • Central Gas heaters
    • Free Standing Room Heaters
    • Gas Water Heater
    • Gas Oven and Stove Tops
    • Gas Meter
  • Check your electrical appliance star ratings
  • Have an Electrician Check for power leakage including:
    • Main switchboard
    • Electrical Appliances and circuits
    • Main Earth Stake
    • Metal water pipes

Reducing runnings costs

  • Turn your AC/Heater a few degrees above or below the outdoor temperature.
    For example instead of 16 degrees AC, turn it to 20 degrees when the outdoor temp it 30 degrees.
    This helps reduce the AC working harder (using more power) to only make it marginally cooler, therefore major savings can be gained over the summer.
  • Electrical Leakage can occur when you don't have safety switches installed on all electrical circuits. The appliance can leak when it is turned on at the wall if its working or not, this can cost you money over the years.

  • Eco Wiring is simply asking your electrician to wire a larger electrical cable than he normal would, this reduces resistance over the lifetime of electrical use, therefore reducing your unseen running costs over the life of your property.

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