Battery Design & Install

Batteries can be used for many reasons reduce energy bills, emergency backup power and store solar energy

How to use home batteries

Home batteries can be used to store your excess energy from your solar system while your away keeping it for the late afternoon when the energy is most expensive 4-9pm (Off peak / On peak Tariff) for when you cook dinner. This can then maximize the cheapest electricity rates available, helping to reduce your electricity bills and alleviates stress on the electrical network (Grid).

Emergency Power

Not all battery solutions provide emergency power, some only do a very few light loads such as lights and computers, others provide more.

Items not usually backed up due to their high electrical consumption or demand are;
  • Laundry washing machine/Dryers
  • AC or Heatpumps
  • Electric Hotwater
  • Shed light and power
  • Pool equipment (pumps heaters etc)

Devil in the Detail

Be clear about your Why

Why are you purchasing the battery?
  • Store and use solar power when it suits you?
  • Did you need battery backup for when the electrical network (grid) goes down in a storm, power shortages or bush fires?
  • Maybe your just looking to reduce your monthly power bills?

Solar Storage

Solar storage isn't cheap and may not be the cheapest option, but what it can provide is consistant electrical bills every year for 10years if installed correctly. As electricity prices increase battery storage gets more affordable in terms of the installation price paying you back over time, this in itself creates certainty in uncertain times.

Battery Emergency Power

Emergency power isn't offered by all batteries, so care needs to be taken and understanding what you need backed up and and what you believe is essential, such as kitchen appliances, pool, AC in summer etc.

Understanding 5kw output

This is only enough power to run your lights and power points in backup mode, it isn't enough to provide power to your;
  • Pool pumps
  • Welders / high output shed appliances
  • Heat pumps or Air Conditioners

If these are important to you in the event of a power outage it will take additional investment for a high output battery.
All things considered at TED Electrical we install batteries that expand to provide backup or come with backup built in.

Saving Monthly Budgets

Batteries can be used to charge when power is cheap or free from solar and then discharge when electricity is more expensive in the evenings when everyone comes home from work. Essentially charging with affordable power and covering your expensive appliances with cheaper power when power is usually more expensive in the evenings.

Design considerations

One size does not fit all, that's why we spend the time with you to understand what your needs are, so we may look at the marketplace of battery chemistries and select the one that suits you.
  • How much power do you use?
  • How much do you want to save?
  • What electrical appliances are important to you?
  • Is convenience more important than longevity?
  • What is more important, installing a battery to save money or backup power?

Solar Battery first step

Our entry level Solar Battery is designed for the price conscious owner that wishes to have good quality with a great price, all the while having emergency power for the fridge and lights.

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Onsite Renewable Design

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  • - Roof capacity
  • - Safe Locations for storage
  • - Hidden technology strategy
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