Big Electrical Bill?

Site Assessment

Our Thorough inspection includes:
  • Switchboard Check including Safety Switch function test with calibrated meter
    note:(Maintenance Interval Annually)
  • Thermal Ceiling Insulation and wiring check
    note:(Maintenance Interval 2-5years)
  • Room Temperature with FLIR imaging camera
    note:(Checked when cold air flows through the home)
  • Smoke Detector Check
    note:(Maintenance Interval Annually)
  • Solar Production and physical condition Check
    note:(Maintenance Interval 2 years)
  • Appliance Standby power usage
    note:(High energy bill with very little powered on)
  • Room Lighting
    note:(Sore eyes or drowsiness or lack of sleep routine)


List of energy solutions and pricing
  • Action plan to trap energy inside the home
  • Action Plan to prevent energy loss
  • Action Plan to using power without big energy bills
  • Stategy to maintain constant flow of power with an unstable network (grid) if this affects your area

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