Solar Design & Install

So your looking for a solar installation?
Well we are here to help by starting with the fundamental questions and then working on a layout and design to suit your needs.

We aren't solar retailers so we have a completely independant view, however we are CEC accredited installers so we have the experience and knowledge to create a solar energy design to suit your needs.

Solar Design Process

Step 1 - Correct Design

Correct design is the most important fundamental reason for solar longevity with optimal production and minimum maintenance or breakdowns. Yes this can be factored into the design before any installation work!
To find the correct layout and best fit a site visit is definately required, trying to decide on the day of installation is stressful and so many changes can happen on the fly, you might miss out on the best options

Step 2 - Quality Installation

Doing everything you can when installing parts is important, following manufacturers guidance and installing quality equipment with quality associated parts complement one another to achieve a greater longevity. All electrical work and especially solar is reliant upon parts that will last longer and still perform!
A lot of the time we find price isn't an indicator of quality like it used to be, rather trust is more important, as you could be paying more or less money for the same cheap and low quality parts.

We are constantly evolving and learn from maintaining and repairing old solar systems to understand what products have lasted the last 1 5years, so we can gauge what should last the next 20years.

Step 3 - Maintenance

This is often overlooked and though there isnt much to be done, checking full operation of the system can catch any potential warranty issues or degredation before it cascades into a system wide breakdown of your solar system after the warranty expires! Pays to catch issues early.

Our installs come with a custom panel coating to help reduce debis and dirt build up on your solar panels just like a clear coat for your car reduces the amount of car washing you do.

Step 3 - Support

Support in our mind is important, so you have someone that you can contact about concerns that you have, and any issues that may arise. We offer full 2 years support after installation, this includes 1 site visit at the 2nd year mark to do a full inspection, performance testing and FLIR imaging audit to make sure there arn't any issues or overheating cells causing issues and give the panels a thorough clean.

What are my style options?

Most common solar panels are black/blue cells on white paper this gives it the squared off look, however you can choose to buy an all black panel and rail setup to help it blend into your roof or create a contrast with a visually appealing shape, silver frames can also be used if required for white rooftops if needed.

Design Questions to ask yourself?

What do I want solar for?
Do I need it for the pool, home heating / cooling, general or 24hours of sun energy with a battery?
These are important to get the design of your needs correct, though your roof space wont change, the equipment chosen and design can impact your usage behavour and savings.