Offering your home or office a safe electrical clean up and insulation install to save you money and keep your wiring safe from over heating.
Installing appropriately rated insulation for Victoria can prevent your heating from escaping into the roof space, as the room constantly cools quickly your heater will run more often for longer increasing your electricity bills.

Insulation can also have similar benefits in summer to cool your home by creating a barrier between you and the scortching heat outside.

Many customers in double storey homes have reported over heating and needed a way to cool their homes, adequate rating 4 earthwool is the answer as it keeps the hot summers outside, providing sound dampening and separation from the heat thanks to its density.

Customers often report dramatic savings after comparing each summer and winter energy bills from previous years, one of our customers reported over $600 savings in winter alone.

How can I save money?

Keeping the cold out in summer and the heat inside in winter can save you alot of money in energy (gas or electricity).


The perfect product for alergies and aesthma as it is hypoallergenic and is backed by a 50 year warranty from Knauf insulation the creators of earthwool.
Earthwool is easier to use and is created from glass fibre and sand which makes for a much more dense product while offering sound absorption as a bonus.
Most importantly the product is non-combustible in the event of fire.

What do we do differently?

We are electricians so we make your electrical wiring safe before installing insulation, then following the Australian Standards to provide a safe and clean installation to maximize your energy savings into the future. Roof spaces have alot of different electrical services that can catch fire or electrocute its occupants, so following every safety measure and rectifying the wiring is a must.