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Started business back in 2010 to provide an affordable and effective solutions, with high quality standards at our core, while delivering safety to the community.
Originating from Tasmania gives us sound knowledge of how to implement renewable green power into the common home and business, as Tasmania has been run by green energy since its inception.

Priding ourselves on offering value for money and quality service.

Now with a new objective, focusing on consulting with clients to save money through modern electrical technology, with achievable outcomes and return on investment


With a wide ranging skill set in the all electric field, we have a broad understanding of how to fix your business power needs from light industrial, commercial and residential.

Offering a full site assessment with a savings stategy to implement today!

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Rates and Benefits

What we offer

Clarity, guidance in electrical techology and a keen focus on value from your electrical investment for years to come.

Install Guarantee

Your Supplied Part
If we install an electrical product you supply and it fails within 24 months we offer a single return visit to replace/repair the product, no Labour charge to you (excludes access equipment if needed and replacement part). You will need to organize a replacement product prior to our visit.

Our Supplied Parts
If we supply an electrical part fit for purpose and it fails within 24 months we will replace/repair it with no charge to you (excludes access equipment if required).

Product Knowledge
There are some products on the market that are certified to be installed but we find them to be a hazard, fail too quickly or no warranty support from the manufacturer leaving you out of pocket for a defective device, its on this basis we reserve the right to say no to installing these products for your safety and sanity, poor quality parts aren't worth your life or livelyhood.
So please ask us prior to purchasing your own products if possible.

Our Attention

We know when we are in your hard to reach roof spaces, under your floors and hard to access cavity spaces we will most likely find some questionable or unsafe electrical wiring, so we try to commit to minor repairs while we're there no questions asked, saving you from worry and danger.

Our Service Rates

Couple of Hours Minimum Offering a two hour minimum so we can focus on your needs and complete that small task or repair with a keen attention to your needs giving you that safe neat installation you have been waiting for.

Going door to door takes a little more effort so we need to offer this service at $220 incl GST.
However if you have a few more items that need attention we are pleased to offer our Half Day to full day services that are a little more cost effective for you.

Half Day Service With half a day we can cover those jobs that take a little more time, giving you our complete attention and having enough time to take care of your electrical needs.
Offering a half day service prevents us being late to your door and minimizes loss time so we offer this service at a small discount of $440 Incl GST.

Full Day Service Your property will have our complete focus and concentration on getting through that complete list of electrical repairs and installations you have been putting off or need a keen focus to complete correctly and safely.
As we aren't driving around all day, we can save a small amount so we pass this savings to you in our daily rate $770 Incl GST.