Solar Repair

Hidden Dangers

Damaged or broken solar systems can be a hidden danger!
At a glance it looks as though the inverter doesn't operate so it's not on or dangerous, but the opposite is true its incredibly dangerous as solar panels are still connected, producing electricty and always on in the day time!
Be aware a damaged or broken glass solar panel looks opaque in colour, the cracked glass allows water into the panel and this can cause leakage of electrity on the solar rail and equipment holding it on the roof. Never approach or touch a broken solar panel!

Solar Maintenance

How much, is too much, dirt?

A light dusting of dust a system built after 2014 isn't that important as the newer solar systems are designed oversized to allow for a light dusting.
However if it was build prior to 2014 it is more than likely the solar system is built to match the output, therefore any dust affects the output directly.
Heavy soiling, such as a large bird deposits covering solar cells, can cause damage long term for that solar panel and affect production over time.

Working on the roof or cleaning?

Always follow the proper shut down proceedure written on the inverter, this is for the care of you equipment and yourself.

Shut Down Process at the Inverter
  1. Turn off the AC Isolator
  2. Turn off the DC Isolator

Power Up Process at the Inverter
  1. Turn on the DC Isolator
  2. Turn on the AC Isolator
Always wear an approved Safety Harness with fixing ropes when on your own roof for fall prevention.