Electric Vehicle (EV) CAR CHARGERS

Which Car Charger?

Choosing your car charger in important!
Put in simple terms you have 2 choices, adaptive or constant, other features are a bonus. This relates to the maximum output of your car charger.

  • Constant Car Charger

    Limited steady supply of power to your car, Tesla Chargers etc
    Meaning the charger will need to be set lower than its maximum output as to not trip your home supply or blow service fuses on the network leaving you in the dark.
    This is because most homes cannot support the high current required while maintaining enough supply for the home appliances.
  • Adaptive Car Charger

    Changers that change the amount of power going to your car depending on how much power your using in your home.
    This is an advantage as you cosume less energy in the home, more power will allow fast charging to your car. Not as fast as a super charger, but more power than a limited supply.
  • Solar Car chargers

    Divert power from your solar system to your car allowing for 100% clean energy FREE from the sun. This is important even if you commute to work during the day.
    Simply by changing your habbits and charging your car over the weekend or home in the early afternoons in summer you can capture your solar energy and charge your car.
  • Vehicle to Grid

    Vehicle to grid or bi-directional charging is coming, and it will change our relationship with our humble car forever.
    This simple and effective car charger will allow for power to flow to and from the vehicle giving you access to the cars battery storage to power your home.

MG ZS EV Charge Times

  • Charge Cable - Type 2
  • General powerpoint Charger 30hrs
  • 7kw Car Charger can charge your car in approx 6hrs
    (single Phase supply)
  • 22kw Car Charger takes about 2.5hrs
    (Must have 3phase power supply to your home)
  • DC Public chargers (Fast Chargers) can charge your car upto 80% in 45min

Who offers Constant Chargers?

Tesla and EO offer an entry level charger that fits the bill both are cost effective compared to more advanced chargers.
These Chargers is faster than charging via a 10A powerpoint and comes with a suitable cable ready to charge your car but limited.

Adaptive Charger

EO with additional hardware can offer an adaptive power solution for your home charger and commercial property when multiple chargers are required. EO offer a self maintained option as to not trip the incoming supply by evenly distributing power accoss multiple chargers and keeping a watchful eye on the property usage giving you priority when you need it most.
Zappi also offer adaptive charging capabillity along with more advanced options.

Solar Car Charger

Zappi V2 Electric Car Charger 7kW

Zappi has been developed to allow full eco mode which only allows your car to accept clean power from your solar system with a nifty boost mode to top up the remainder of your battery at night when power can be cheaper. Chargers has a built in display and can work independantly without internet connection, has built in adaptive power capabilities to fast charge when enough power available

EO Mini Pro Smart Home Charger 7kW

Prioritises solar power to charge your car, but has no display requires wifi connection to work with app.

Why have a car charger at home?

Professionally installed car chargers can increase your slow 10A plug charger from 30hrs to 7hrs for an appropriately installed charger, not to mention reducing the inconvenience of finding a charging station near you.

Take advantage of your home solar system and divert wasted energy export to your car!

Pricing Guide

Prices are installation only, updated 1 jan 2023
Includes Cable Run upto 20m, GST and Labour
  • Zappi 7kw adaptive Solar Charger, diverts wasted solar export to your car. Choose how to charge your car, solar or grid power with a flick of a switch
    = $1140 incl gst*

  • Tesla Constant Charger, simply charges when you plugin your car
    = $1640 incl gst*
  • Soltaro, with Tether cable Ideal for public spaces and driveway installations.
    Adaptive Charger
    = $1140 installation + $1100 for the charger incl gst*
  • * pricing within 10m of the main switchboard, single storey and single phase, subject to site assessment, pricing is a guide only.


    Detailed Service Pack

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